How do you know what trends will be in vogue next year and what will be the trending items for 2022?  Experts in art, fashion, design, jewelry, watches, and in general, everything related to the “lifestyle” have predicted in recent trend reports 5 main trends that will drive purchases in the next year. The major trends for the coming year include a nostalgia for the ’90s mostly in millennials, the timeless value of the great classics, the link with the earth and nature, fantasy and verve signifying brilliance and a lively spirit that will be expressed in colors and extravagant designs

1. Nostalgia for the ’90s

Millennials’ purchasing power is growing, as is their search for the cult items that defined their youth. Experts point to “nostalgia for the ’90s” as a key trend, especially in the luxury sector. 70s fashion style today has been replaced by 90s icons such as Jean Paul Gaultier’s “punk” or Gianni Versace’s signature style. 

2. Craftsmanship as a synonym of quality and uniqueness

The rediscovery of craftsmanship is a conscious response to industrial-scale production and the “culture of convenience” driven by large marketplaces or fashion and design giants. Experts confirmed growing attention for everything that celebrates human creativity and craftsmanship in different fields such as fashion, design or food in response to “fast fashion”, “fast food” and “fast furniture”. Among the most sought-after objects, just to name a few, will be analog cameras, with particular attention to those of the 19th century, the first wristwatches born in the 20s and 30s.

3. The Timeless Value of the Great Classics

Our on and off-line lives are increasingly filled with an excess of product choices. Shoppers are now increasingly drawn to established and timeless products.  Whether it’s a Fender guitar or a Louis Vuitton bag, timeless classics are often appreciated as a work of art and prove to be reliable investments. Industry experts agree that the value of these items will increase faster than others. Iconic handbags such as a Birkin, Kelly, or Constance by Hermès, or a Flap by Chanel are and will be a more profitable investment than gold. 

4. The link with the Earth and Nature

The desire for a general reconnection to planet earth emerges through a focus on all things natural. Among collectors and antique dealers, touching on different sectors and categories. The search for fossils, for example, is an ever-growing trend that has touched even well-known personalities like Kate Winslet: more and more people today want a piece of “natural history” in their homes.

5. Fantasy and verve

After months of lockdown, people today are looking to rekindle their playful side. Whether it’s bold colors, vibrant patterns, or flashy designs, all those out-of-the-ordinary items will be back in vogue: patterned fabrics with floral designs and prints, for example, will be the most in demand. Then jewels with brightly colored stones will be back both in resin/glass and those with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. In 2022, “exuberant” and colorful watches will also return, capable of conveying a quest for creativity.

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