Hindash Cosmetics Is Launching The Perfect Palette For Spring

Instagram @hindash

It’s common knowledge that Mohammed Hindash has been a big beauty player for the past couple of years, from his gorgeous makeup looks to his signature eyeliner, he’s a beauty bag favourite.

With his brand slowly expanding its horizons with each passing month, we know what our new favourite palette is going to be in the coming months. Hindash’s latest beauty baby is a combination of romantic colours, as well as a great pairing with his Beautopsy palette. Hindash welcomes you to the new chapter of Hindash Cosmetics.

“I knew I wanted to create a more romantic colour story that would work together in harmony. But I knew I also wanted to create other products that would allow me to achieve my full signature face of colour” says the popular make-up artist on his Instagram.

The new collection is titled MONOCHROMANCE, a vegan, extremely blendable formula, inspired by monochromatic mediums and warmer toned colours. This palette has an ultra-smooth powder that does it all for your eyes and face.

Instagram @hindash

Hindash‘s last product launch was the Heroline liquid eyeliner, and if that’s anything to go by for the Monochromance palette then we need to pre-order it now.

Looks like we’re pulling off blushed cheeks and rosy hues for our beat in true springtime tradition.

Via Cosmopolitan Middle East 

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