I Tried Moon Boots With 3 Outfits & Here’s How It Went

When I see a Moon Boot, I imagine Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit, an UGG boot, and some wellies having a comfy ménage à trois — but in actuality, per Moon Boot’s site, they are $140 to $300 expertly-crafted snow boots that “riff on high technology astronaut wear.” If you find yourself in Tundra-esque climates often, then you’re in luck. The retailer’s most recognizable pairs, the Icon & Icon Lows, are insulated, 100% water-repellant, equipped with suction pads on their rubber tread soles, and can be worn on either feet. They also come in a myriad of colorways and were meant to easily slide on and off your toes (if you’re in between any of the size ranges, make sure to go up one rather than down). I personally can attest to how lightweight my Icons are and how those rubber soles maintain an impressive amount of traction throughout slushy NYC streets.   

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