Saudi Arabia International Womens Day: Celebrating Females Through Music

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Saudi Arabia is celebrating in many, many forms, one of which is through music. A lot of organisations chose to celebrate International Women’s Day in their own way and MDLBeast celebrated this special day in the most MDLBeast way possible.

With an Instagram live at 5:30 pm showcasing Saudi women’s musical talents, the two artists that’ll be the front of this event are Dorar and Lujain Albishi, also known as Biirdperson.

But if you’re looking for a more intimate form of celebration, one which will you will be able to attend live, visit the Diriyah Biennale and watch these two exceptional Saudi artists, Danah and Solskin, play their carefully curated sets.

Saudi Arabia has progressed immensely throughout these past few years in many sectors. The most important and noticeable progress to be seen is the progress for women in Saudi Arabia. The country’s development and aim to reach a more gender-equal society is evidently proven to everyone as Saudi women are slowly takeover every industry in the Kingdom. Whether it’s governmental, entertainment, sports or more, Saudi is making it clear that to help build a stable economy for a growing country, women have to play a major role in that.

So, to celebrate International Women’s Day through music is just the right way. It shows anyone that thinks otherwise that Saudi is progressing and leaning towards a more modern approach. Saudi Arabia isn’t what it used to be 10 years ago and we can see that with every project that enters the Kingdom’s economical atmosphere.

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