The spring scent guide – find your perfect perfume

It’s time to discover your signature spring scent. From fruity to day to night scents, there’s a perfect scent ready and waiting to be part of your fragrance collection.

The spring scent guide - find your perfect perfume

Have you ever walked passed someone in the street and smelt their perfume and instantly been transported back to a moment in time? Or have you had to double take a passer by as they smell exactly like your best friend? Yeah, we’ve been there too.

In short, scents are extremely personable, they’re almost like a memory, friends and family can be comforted by your signature scent, it lingers on the clothes you wear, in your car, house, and in the rooms you walk through. That’s why you had the reaction you did to that stranger, the signature scent you remember you associate with a place or person close to your heart. So, their choice of perfume has obviously served its purpose.

If you’ve been searching for your signature scent for months and ended up coming out of the perfume shop smelling like 100s of perfumes as you’ve sprayed every bottle on yourself, and now can’t identify which is which (we’ve all been there). Don’t except defeat as we’re about to save your day with our signature spring scent guide.

Steps to finding your signature spring scent:

  1. First things first you need to decide whether you prefer sweeter smells, fresh scents, woody, oriental, or musky undertones.
  2. Then you pick three perfumes which contain particular scents you either like the sound of together, or you have smelt them previously and think you’d like to give them a try. Our top tip is to try lighter scents first and then ease yourself into deeper scents.
  3. Once the perfume has arrived, spend a few weeks trying out each one, let the scent evolve over a few hours of wear so you can smell how the perfume develops.


Q. What does eau de parfum mean?

A. It’s a version of a perfume that contains a lower percentage of fragrant essential oils than a parfum (parfum is the strongest, eau de parfum is the second strongest – most perfumes are eau de parfum).

Q. What does eau de toilette mean?

A. It’s a light perfume that contains a lower percentage of fragrant oils compared to eau de parfum (it’s a lighter fragrance).

fruity spring scents

There’s no denying the fact that fruity scents are literally the smell of spring/summer. If you are a sucker for floral scents then a fruity perfume is going to become your go to. Fruity scents are pretty sweet smelling so you never have have to spray that much to get an intense smell. Our Missguided Babe Vibes perfume is one to try if you’re looking for a fruity scent. It opens with bergamot, pear and accents of pistachio, with base notes of patchouli, amber, sweet tonka, vanilla, musk and creamy sandalwood.

The spring scent guide - find your perfect perfume
Missguided Babe Vibes Eau De Parfum 80ml £28.00

day to night spring scents

If you’re on the go and need a scent to carry you through day to night, we’ve got the perfect scent for you. Our Missguided Babe Night perfume is perfect if you’re looking for a bold fragrance. The scent opens with citrus notes of lemon, orange and green apple and develops with heady accords of orange blossom, jasmine and spicy pink pepper. The base notes consist of musky vanilla, cedar and patchouli.

The spring scent guide - find your perfect perfume
Missguided Babe Night Eau De Parfum 80ml £28.00

body mist spring scents

If you’re in the trial and error perfume picking stage opt for a body mist. Body mists aren’t overpowering, and they don’t last as long as your regular perfume. This allows you to have the freedom to swap scents throughout the day until you find one that matches your personality, day to day life, and gets the most compliments. After all we all love the ‘you smell amazing, what perfume is that?’ compliment.

The spring scent guide - find your perfect perfume
Missguided Babe Dreams Body Mist 220ml £8.00

scents to carry on the go

If you’re always on the go and and don’t have time to stop off at home to quickly re spray your perfume, reapply some concealer, and lipstick, then our 10ml perfumes are ready and waiting to become your new go to. They’re small enough to fit in your handbag, can be carried in your hand luggage, and if you’re on a night out they’re an essential item to pack into your going out bag.

The spring scent guide - find your perfect perfume
missguided chill babe eau de parfum 10ml
The spring scent guide - find your perfect perfume
babe oud eau de parfum 10ml

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