Top 4 Current Fashion Trends That Are In Right Now

With the winter season already in full swing, fashionistas and fashion lovers might have a hard time putting their personal looks and outfits on display. Every winter season, the pieces that dominate the trends and the looks for that matter, is the outerwear. And that is more than logical and expected since the temperatures are low and you need extra cover for your body. However, over the past few years, the fashion industry has put a focus more on the garments themselves than the outerwear. That is why, this winter season, the winter trends revolve around the comfortability, style, pop of color, and special accent on the forgotten glam. 

Whether you need some outfit inspiration, or just need to go over the winter styles, here is a list of the top 4 which are very in right now. So, with just a little effort,  you can easily flaunt any of them. Take a look!

Cropped cardigan

The first on the list of the winter trends are cropped carding. If you are following the world street style, then you must have seen the celebrities and models proudly flaunting this piece. The cropped cardigan comes as a vintage-inspired trend. As such, it delivers a cute and effortless outfit. For the fashionistas and the It-girls, the cropped cardigan provides a modern and trendy look. You can easily pair and style it with skinny jeans, but if you want something a bit different, then, go with lounge sweatpants or a midi skirt. 

Hoodie under blazer

Another big trend that will mark winter 2021 is the style of wearing a hoodie under a blazer. This is another trend that was first spotted on the streets of the fashionistas and again later as part of their travel fashion look. The best outfits come from pairing an oversized blazer with an oversized hoodie.  There is also another styling option that includes a thinner hoodie with a tailored blazer. 

Bohemian florals

If you thought that florals are not for winter, then you have got it wrong. The latest winter fashion trends put one special floral print in focus, and that is the bohemian floral print. It is fashionable, feminine, and natural, a great fresh nod to the unexpected winter trends. The Boho floral style perfectly blends the vintage with the modern. 

Boiler suit

Another fashion trend inspired by the street style look is the boiler suit. As seen on many popular people, the boiler suit is the piece that everyone wants in their closet. What makes it so popular is that it is very easy to wear and style, and it is practical too. Just add some chunky boots or sneakers and you will rock this trend.

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