Very Peri, The Colour Of 2022

Here we go again. Another year is going towards the end and a new one is gearing up to start, bringing with it new ideas, new prospects, and new trends, especially for the beauty and fashion industries. Is for these two that this moment of the year is crucial because many of the apparel industry start to put together what will be in, what object will be a must-have and what every fashion aficionado will be flaunting on the streets. So, we fashion devotees are here, ready to bring you the latest and brand-new fashion news.

And how we could talk about future trends without first talking about Very Peri? Just yesterday, it has been declared that Very Peri is the Pantone for 2022, and truthfully saying, some of you might even have seen it already worn by celebrities!

I am sure many of you have heard about Pantone and if this is your first time then is the moment to learn about it. Now you know how many of us tend to describe colours differently but for industries that must work with colours it is significant to have a colour description that can be unanimous for everyone, and this is where Pantone, the American company gets its work done. Thanks to its continuous involvement, Pantone was able to create a structure with a system where colours can be passed with a steady description within different spheres. So yes, Pantone is a very big deal for fashion devotees.

So now, what exactly is Very Peri, full name Pantone17-3938?

“Dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet-red undertone” is how Pantone describes it, a colour that represents the “union of the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red,” Not bad right? Coming from a year full of uncertainties, we certainly need some assurance and excitement! 

We all know how celebrities and trends go hand in hand as these iconic figures have been shaping and influencing the ongoing fashion industry for years now. What is worn by celebrities can create a new trend or even help revive a decadent one.

So, who was the one that shined the most with Very Peri? Well, we cannot start without first talking about Lady Gaga. The Italian American pop star wore an exquisite violet chiffon turtleneck cape gown, a design part of the new Gucci Love Parade collection. She sure did it by beating everyone and anticipating even the release of the colour by Pantone. What could we expect from an icon like her? Generation Z symbol, Zendaya, appeared at the 2021 Bet Awards, wearing a vintage Versace violet dress which design resembled the one used by Beyonce during her performance at the 2003’s Bet Awards.

Last but not least, pop star Camilla Cabello wore a violet Michael Kors cut-out dress accompanied with eye makeup of the same shade at the 2021 Met Gala. On the other hand, Alberta Ferretti, Missoni, Thom Browne, Valentino, and Versace, have included Very Peri in their Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Shows. A dependable sign that this colour will be the “it” colour.

So, what are you waiting for? Is time to get out there and start looking for something Very Peri, so you can start the new year in the trendiest way ever!

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