Top 5 Beauty Techniques You Should Try!

When it comes to makeup, you always have room to learn and grow. Whether you are a pro at makeup or a newbie, there are still plenty of techniques to learn and try. You never know which tip might become vital to your routine. Having said that, here are five beauty techniques to try out! 

  1. Create the perfect cat-eye 

Creating a striking cat-eye is harder than it looks. For some, it can take months to master. However, here is a great tip to make applying your eyeliner much easier. While some recommend flicking your eyeliner up and out, there is actually a different way to do it. Instead, follow your bottom lash line with your eyeliner. This will give you the perfect angle each time. 

  1. Use contact solution to eliminate clumping 

Nobody likes clumpy eyelashes, but it is an easy fix. Some use a napkin to scrape off the clumps while others use makeup remover and start over. Having said that, there is another way to get rid of the clumping is to use contact solution. It is a bit unorthodox, but this technique actually works very well.

Just add a few drops of your contact solution into your mascara. Then close the tube and shake it. After, your mascara should be easier to use and have a rejuvenated consistency. If your mascara is still dry, you could put your mascara in a warm to hot glass of water for a minute. This should completely liquefy the formula. 

  1. Wet your brush before application for more vibrant colors

Want your eye shadow colors to be more intense and pigmented? Just wet the tip of your brush before you apply your makeup. It is recommended that you use setting spray on the tip because the setting spray will give shimmery shadows and light colors more pigmented, but you can also use water. Try to only wet the end of your brush, as doing your makeup will be harder with a fully wet brush. After, apply your eyeshadow and notice the colors becoming more striking and bold! 

  1. Give yourself an instant face lift

Brighten and lift your complexion with this little technique. Simply use your favorite concealer to draw three horizontal lines starting from the nose and going across your cheek. They should look like cat whiskers. To boost the brightening effect, you can add a highlighter above the concealer. Then use a makeup sponge or brush to blend each line in an upward direction for an instant facelift. 

  1. Achieve the perfect lash curl with some heat

With just a bit of heat from a blow-dryer, you can have the perfect lash curl. First, grab your hairdryer. Put your hairdryer on low heat and test the temperature on your hand. You want to make sure that the heat is not too bad to avoid getting burned. Then blow your hairdryer on your eyelash curler for at least a minute or two. Now, your eyelash curler should give you instant perfect lash curls.

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